Q: Why Linda Thelen, M.Ed. and not a different tutor or organization?

A:  Ms. Thelen is a specialist who uses advanced proven techniques to move students who cannot be remediated by general tutoring methods. Additionally, she works one-on-one with students which helps them move more quickly. 

Q: What if I cannot afford the fees, but desperately need a specialist?

A:  Take advantage of discounts given for paying sessions in advance, for doing more than one session per week, or for setting up sessions during school hours. You can also consider doing a half hour session instead of an hour - which gives some remedial benefit at half the cost. Also ask about sliding scale if you have low income or special circumstances where you need help.

Q:  Do you ever do groups?

A:  I have occasionally worked with groups when requested. It helps if you have other students willing to group with you. Larger groups may require a bigger facility. Fees are adjusted for groups.

Q:  Do you guarantee your work?

A:  I find it hard to judge how fast or how well particular learning disabilities may respond to my techniques, but I am committed to give the best product I can. I will consider refunding a session if you are unhappy with the product. Please be sure and communicate with me along the way, so there are no misunderstandings, and I will do the same! :-)

Q:  Do you have references?

A: I do have references - just provide an e-mail address and I can send them to you OR ​check out the genuine testimonies on the next page!

Dyslexia therapy, ADHD and more!

Linda L. Thelen, M.Ed.

A teacher, tutor, diagnostician, educational materials designer, and administrator for over 35 years, Linda Thelen delivers a unique combination of knowledge, expertise, passion, and insight through her work with students of all ages: K-12, college, adult.

Called "a miracle worker," "a kid whisperer," "a godsend" by grateful parents and clients, Linda optimizes her unique gifts to find solutions. Additionally, Ms. Thelen uses her educational background with an A.A. in music, a B.A. in English Education, and an M.Ed. with endorsements in Reading and Special Education, to help heal those with learning, organization, and motivation issues.

Ms. Thelen has gained extensive background experience over her span of 35 years. She has been a teacher of English, a former business owner of The Reading Detective, a special educator, and an Academic Support Coordinator of a charter school.

 Ms. Thelen's administrative experience has covered literacy, 504s, Response to Intervention design, English as a second language, and Gifted & Talented programs. All uniquely qualify her to consult with parents, educators, and administrators alike on these school-related issues. Consensus is sought to provide students with optimum support and success.

Linda Thelen has been successful at remediating students as well as coaching teachers and staff. At the Reading Detective, students more than doubled their scores, while as an administrator at Liberty Common Charter School, students rose in achievement from unsatisfactory to satisfactory - helping Liberty's reputation for serving special needs' students become stellar.

Ms. Thelen's belief is that serving students one-on-one makes more movement exponentially than in small groups. Her commitment to show that teaching in groups is good, but to supplement with one-on-one intensive interventions when possible, is the most effective teaching to help students make gains. ​

Ms. Thelen is an excellent listener and problem-solver. She is committed to give you and your child the attention you seek and the solutions you deserve. She is committed to share her expertise and wisdom with other teachers and schools when asked. Make an appointment today to see what she can do for you!